Class sizes are limited  to approximately 20 participants.  The class room is in a former private school and located just south of the Independence Square just off a major intersection and close to several luncheon places. One opportunity for lodging is a short minute or two drive away.  Other motels are within a 15 minute drive of the central Independence area.    

Core Class Topics

About the Class Room

Community Safety Officer Program 


2525 S Crysler Avenue, #5 -  Independence MO 64052 US

Participants will engage in:

  • Scope of Duties and Role of the Community Safety Officer (CSO)

  • Effective two way Communication Techniques to children, adults and the elderly in the community 

  • Report Writing with emphasis on simple and clear expression of facts and correct grammar.   

  • Patrol Procedures:  Day & Night, effective use of the flashlight and Situational Awareness

  • Human Relations and understanding communication skills relating to cultural differences

  • CPR, AED and First Aid Skills including handling stress in an emergency situation

  • Criminal Law, Court Procedures, Use of Force against persons and defending property

  • Efficacy of a Citizen’s Arrest; why a citizen’s arrest can be very problematic

  • Criminal and Civil Court Systems and Purposes; Municipal and County Court Procedures

  • Public Speaking skills & techniques as related to Court Testimony

  • Fire Arms training focused on achieving a Missouri Concealed Carry permit and KC Armed Security Officer Licensing standards. ​

  • Defensive Tactics and use of the Taser and Pepper Spray

  • Appropriate Uniform Appearance and foot wear

​          And much more!